• Alibaba Group announced its full access to the Internet of Things in the 2018 Yunqi Conference Shenzhen Summit. IoT is Alibaba's fifth-largest main circuit after electricity supplier, finance, logistics, and cloud computing. It will develop 10 billion devices within five years. AG1 become Alibaba Cloud IoT industry eco partners.

    • Take Care Of Your Most In an Intelligent & Security Way.This revolutionary and easy to install 1080P HD surveillance.system is ideal for home and business security.Offers true Plug & Play with a built-in PoE. Simply use the Cat5 cable running between NVR and each IP camera,providing both power and video transmission, allowing you to position your cameras anywhere without the need for a nearby power outlet.

    • The second generation of new web camera: super star series, the series of star + wide dynamic economy. Built-in intelligent analysis functions, support of h. 265 encoding algorithm, built-in star sensor, the super star night vision. All-weather adaptability, at the same time have super wide dynamic, through the mist, and other functions, can satisfy all kinds of strong light, backlight, fog, rain and night environment.

    • In order to improve our new and old employees work skills, expand the multi-functional technique level of employees, improve the overall service level, the company organize regional sales personnel and technical personnel has carried on the systematic training.

      Training is mainly around the company's products,